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    Pet Relax™ | The Infinity Loop Toy

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    ** Due to the success and support we have received for our Infinity Loops Toy we are giving away each for FREE until 12am CST (midnight), you would just pay shipping like usual. Thank you for your continued support ❤️ **

    Introducing our most captivating and attention capturing toy ever made for cats. The Infinity Loop is designed to appeal to our cats natural predator instincts, allowing our fur babies to stimulate their mind and activate their musculature system while they play for hours on end. 

    The Infinity Loop helps relieve our furry friends from anxiety and boredom. 1 in 3 cats show symptoms of stress and anxiety as a result from boredom, by providing the proper stimulation our Infinity Loop helps reduce overall stress levels resulting in an overall happier and healthier cat. 

    Infinity Loop was designed to be a seamless connect & play set up, there is no need for any tools or instruction manuals. You are able to join up to 4 Infinity Loops together for an even bigger, more flexible toy. For this reason, on average our customers buy two Infinity Loops. 

    No More Scratchy Furniture

    As a cat owner we all know the horrific sound of our furniture being scratched by our cats razor sharp claws. The Infinity Loop doubles as a scratch-board and can withstand their little paws. You can now finally rest easy knowing your furniture will not become victim to your friends claws. 


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    Pet Relax™ | The Infinity Loop Toy

    What Pet Parents Say...

    Our Additional Reviews Are Below The FAQ's.

    "My 16 year old cat who neverrr plays with toys cannot stop playing with this. I am so happy with this purchase and highly recommend . Thank You Pet Relax!!"

    "This toy is definitely a hit! My kitten and my 4 year old cat would scratch the sofa and this has definitely saved me. They haven't left this alone since it came out the box. Very sturdy and durable, highly recommend!"

    "My cat is absolutely obsessed with this thing. It has kept him entertained longer than any other toy! I also bought this for several of my friends cats for Christmas and they all love them too!"

    "I have 2 cats and four of the infinity loops. Its the best toy for cats that ive ever bought and I've bought alot of cat toys. My order also arrived very quickly A++"

    "Cisi loves this toy, he jumps all over it and does this for hoursss. I work from home and I love that he now has a distraction and doesn't distract me haha!"

    Still Wondering? Check Our FAQ's

    If you live in United States, United Kingdom or Australia; you can expect your order in 10-15 days. For the rest of the world you order will arrive in 15-20 days. Thank You!

    Yes, the Infinity Loop was designed because of the severe boredom that our cats face due to us as owners not being able to always find the time to give the much needed attention that our fur babies are requiring. Boredom left "untreated" usually results in some sort of anxiety or anxious behavior.

    The Infinity Loop is made from a eco-friendly honecomb woven cardboard and has been stress tested against the sharpest of claws and the biggest of cats (not including lions or tigers 😊).

    Due to the mass amount of support we have been receiving for our Infinity Loops Toy we are running our "give back" event until 12am cst (midnight), giving the Infinity Loop away for FREE. You would just pay for shipping like usual. Thank you for your continued support!

    Of course! For whatever reason if you have a change in heart you have 24 hours from placing your order to cancel. Please reach out to our 24/7 customer support team at for order cancellations. Thank You!

    Absolutely, if you are unhappy with your purchase you may return it within 15 days of delivery, hassle-free. In order to receive your refund, the item must be in the same condition as received. Thank You!

    We have noticed that the majority of cats take to the Infinity Loop on the first day. However, if not we recommend slowly introducing the Infinity Loop into your cats playtime. Most importantly your cats trust you and by sitting with your cats for the first few plays this allows them to become familar and comfortable with their new toy.

    If you have a kitten we generally recommend the Kitten Bundle (which includes 1x Infinity Loop).

    If you own a grown cat we recommend the Cat Bundle (which includes 2x Infinity Loops)

    Two or more cats we strongly recommend either the Sibling or Family Bundle which gives your cats enough room to play and also making sure that they have a toy appropriate for their size.

    The Bundles are layed out for you to make best judgment as you know your cats sizing best. There is no definitive right or wrong answer as far as how many you should get for ideal toy sizing. 2 or more are ideal for adult cats or if you have multiple kittens/ cats.