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    Pet Relax™ | Pet Heating Blanket (Free Today)

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    We are celebrating our first anniversary and giving away 100 Heating Pads for FREE!

    Keep Your Furry Friend Cozy and Comfortable with the Pet Heating Blanket!

    The Cat Heating Blanket is a simple yet effective solution for keeping your feline friend warm during cold winter months, featuring a heating element that warms to a safe, comfortable temperature.

    Stay warm and cozy with a self-heating blanket for cats - a great solution for feline friends sensitive to cold temperatures

    If you have ever noticed that your cat huddles next to a vent or radiator, it's because they are looking for warmth and comfort. This blanket is great for cats that are sensitive to cold temperatures and can provide a comfortable and cozy spot for them to rest.  

    Celebrate Our 1st Anniversary and Keep Your Cat Cozy with a FREE Pet Heating Blanket!

    ✅ Self-heating cat blanket provides warmth for cats in cold weather
    ✅ Made with a special thermal material that reflects the cat's own body heat
    ✅ No electricity or batteries required

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    Pet Relax™ | Pet Heating Blanket (Free Today)

    What Real Pet Parents Say...

    Additional Reviews Are Below FAQ's

    I can't lie I was a little skeptical as I saw this on a Facebook Ad, however I cannot express how great of a customer service team Pet Relax has. My package was lost due to the postal services which is common in my area, I reached out to the Pet Relax support team and was shipped a new blanket the next day no questions asked. My puppy loves laying on this blanket. I will be buying more as gifts for my friends pets. You have made a loyal customer over in Australia Pet Relax!! 😊😊

    My cat would climb in our stove if I let her. She is old and often chilly, so this blanket is perfect for her. It is so warm when she gets up from laying on it! I want her to be toasty without the risk of an electrical fire from traditional heated blankets, so I bought this for her for Christmas. It has been a hit since we unwrapped it. It lives on the foot of my bed (aka *HER* spot) and she sleeps in it every single night. I am very happy with this purchase and so is my lovely kitty. Thank You Pet Relax!!

    We have 4 kitties so we bought 4 self heating pads all of them love to sleep in our closet which is not the warmest place in the house. I tried using some towels but they were still cold, I saw this blanket on Facebook through Pet Relax Ad and bought 4. They are amazing and work great, our kitties absolutely love it! Proof they are using them is how much fur is on them.

    My blind kitty loves this mat; he lays on it every chance that he can get. When I rub him; he is so toasty warm on his belly. It washes great. This is by far one of the best purchases that I've bought for him!

    I bought four of these and will be ordering more. Our cats are older and placing these in their favorite areas to sun and nap has let them keep sunning and napping in the winter! Most of these areas are near a window, where the temp is colder and I noticed they had stopped sunbathing. These self warming pads solved the issue! 🥰🌞

    I have 5 kitties and they can't get enough of this mat! It's always a race after dinner to see who can claim the coveted "best napping spot" in the house. It's the only thing that they don't share! I'm ordering 3 more tonight, this is an absolute home run in my household!!

    Still Wondering? Check Our FAQ's

    If you live in United States, United Kingdom or Australia; you can expect your order in 10-15 days. For the rest of the world you order will arrive in 15-20 days. Thank You!

    Absolutely, if you are unhappy with your purchase you may return it within 15 days of delivery, hassle-free. In order to receive your refund, the item must be in the same condition as received. Thank You!

    Yes, all Heating Blankets are machine wash friendly making it super easy to clean. Make sure to remove self heating material from inside your heating blanket before washing.

    Of course! For whatever reason if you have a change in heart you have 24 hours from placing your order to cancel. Please reach out to our 24/7 customer support team at for order cancellations. Thank You!

    Our Heating Blanket is made from lambswool and has a rubberized underside to prevent it from moving around while be used.

    Due to the mass amount of support we have been receiving for our Pet Calming Blanket we are running our "give back" event until 12am cst (midnight), giving the Calming Blanket away for FREE. You would just pay for shipping like usual. Thank you for your continued support!

    We are running our "give back" event until March 31st.

    No, our self heating blanket is great because there is no need for wires or any electrical current to rapid heat making it even safer for our pets to enjoy.